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KB000045- Unable to create database revision. Failed with following error " Failed to Create Version"

unable to create database revision failed with following error:"failed to create version"

QOS Technology


Issue: Unable to create database revision. Failed with following error " Failed to Create Version"

Solution: For this issue we are having few SK on the Check Point User Center. SK's are sk65295, sk86900, sk85602.

Troubleshooting: Activities to be carried out for troubleshooting.

1: run the command on the putty on the management server "#tail -f $FWDIR/log/fwm.elg"
2: From the smartdash board try to generate the database revision.
3: Immediately check the putty of the management server opened in the step-1.
4: You might be seeing following message:

"Copy: Failed to IArchiver::Copy with err 0x80004005 ('Unspecified error')" "Error: Failed to IArchiver".
5: Check the error message properly.
6: In the sk65295,they have asked to perform the IPS update, when you do it, it might say it is up to date.
7: Even if you do IPS update from scratch it says IPS is up to date and still the issue is same. This is seen when IPS database is corrupt. This can be happen during last database update
8: So we need to perform the  below activity for removing the IPS database and do a clean update

a: Cpstop on the management server
b: Take backup of $FWDIR/conf/asm.C for Splat/Gaia, for windows %FWDIR%conf/asm.c and changed the following values:

need_local_update to "true"
asm_update_version_ips1 to "0"
asm_update_version_vpn1 to "0"
asm_update_version to "0"

c: removed CPMILink* and applications.C*
d: cpstart
e: updated the IPS again it will take some time.
f: push policy
g: Try to generate the Database revision. It should work.


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