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KB000046- Upgrade R65 Smart center to R71.10 on windows server 2003

Upgrade R65 Smart center to R71.10 on windows server 2003

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Before beginning this process keep the following files with you.
1) Check_Point_upgrade_tools_R71.WIN32_1.tgz
2) Check_Point_R71.10.Windows.iso CD/DVD
3) R71.10 Release notes
**to download the above files please visit
Note: Before upgrade take backup of the following as you need to enter the
information in the new management server.
a. IP Address (ipconfig /all)
b. Hostname
c. Domain-name
Firstly, Unzip the Check_Point_upgrade_tools_R71.WIN32_1.tgz file
You will get three files there:
and put these sub files in the following R65's directory
Now use pre_upgrade_verifier.exe

It will show you the options about how to use it.

For example:
#pre_upgrade_verifier.exe -p c:\windows\FW1\R65\fw1\ -c NGX_R65 -t
R71 –f c:\temp\puv -w
you will get a puv.xml file which can be opened in any browser.
It will have the information about the up-gradation.
Now if the pre_upgrade_verifier.exe shows no errors, then you can safely
upgrade your management server from R65 to R71.10.

Now follow the following procedure to upgrade your smart center from R65 to R71.10

Use the following command at the command prompt
migrate export path_of _filename
for example: c:\ cd %FWDIR%\bin\upgrade_tools
and then use: migrate export c:\temp\migrate_test

The above command creates a file with name migrate_test.tgz,
Which you can use it to upgrade your database to R71.10.

Now, use Check_Point_R71.10.Windows.iso CD/DVD on the fresh windows server 2003 machine.

After successful installation of Check point Management server, use the
migrate_test.tgz file to restore the database as in R65 smart center.
To do this use the following command on the command prompt:
migrate import file_path
(Use this command in the Upgrade_tools directory which you can go through
by using command C:\cd %FWDIR%\bin\Upgrade_tools)
For example:
migrate import c:\temp\migrate_test.tgz
you will get the following message:
The import operation completed successfully.

Now you can use the R71 Smart Dash board to connect to the management server.

Make sure that you remember the user name and password of R65 Smart dashboard.

After connecting to Management server you can successfully install new policies and get the old database as in R65 smart center smart Dash board.
Note: use the cpclean utility if you are not formatting your windows server 2003 machine to completely remove the R65 Smart center and use Check_Point_R71.10.Windows.iso CD/DVD for fresh installation of R71.10.

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