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Free Webinar : HTTPS Inspection (12th August 2015 @ 10:00am IST)

1. Brief introduction on HTTP and HTTPS protocol.
2. How HTTPS is safe.
2. What is HTTPS Inspection and why it is required.
3. Usefulness of HTTPS inspection.
4. Live Demo - Lab setup showing packet sniffing.
5. Help of packet captures while troubleshooting https inspection issues.
60 Mins
Amith Gururaj Rao
Network Security Engineer
QOS Technology
Important Information about this Webinar
1. This Webinar is open for all.
2. Only limited users can participate. Please read registration details below to send your request.
3. This is free Webinar.
4. Any questions/concerns/queries, direct them to =>
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  • 05-Aug-2015