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Free webinar on R80 and overview of R80.10

Agenda :

1. Basic overview of R80 version.

2. Discussion on R80 architecture.

3. Changes in R80 version compared to R77 version.

4. Upgrade possibilities from R77 or earlier versions to R80.

5. Understanding the layers(under policies) in R80.

6. Basic overview of R80.10 Gaia.

Duration: 60 Mins and buffer 15mns.


Vishnu Vardhan Reddy.L
Team Lead
QOS Technology

Important Information about this Webinar.

1. This Webinar is Primarily targeted at Checkpoint Customers/Partners.
2. Only limited users can participate. Please read registration details below to send your request.
3. This is a free Webinar.
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  • 16-Jan-2017